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There are several types of coating systems that vary dramatically in both cost and what they deliver. These range from traditional single-part enamels that are easy to apply to sophisticated two-part systems.
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Either your player version is too old it cannot be detected or your browser does not support scripting or scripting is disabled in your browser settings. Download the latest version of Flash player. Paint My Boat doesn't feature every available Interlux color. Contact your local area Technical Service Representative for more options.
How to Paint a Boat Hull
Knowing how to paint a boat hull isn't just a great way to give the vessel a vibrant appearance it can also extend the lifespan of your boat. Painting a boat hull requires a lot of time and effort. Here are some helpful steps that will enable you to effectively paint your hull. Step 1 Protect Your Skin. Throughout the preparation and painting process wear gloves to reduce the contact between your skin and the substances you'll be using. This not only is a neat way to limit messes but also protects your skin from any irritants or allergens that may be in the materials.
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This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Jun 8 2013. Check out the full article http// Watch How to Prep a Boat for Painting http// For more how to videos visit Welcome to our shop and our 1938 Herreshoff Marlin. Today I'll show you an easy do it yourself way to paint your boat's topsides. Let's start by protecting the shearstrake and taping the edge. If the surface is dirty take a tack rag and wipe it down so the tape will stick well. Let me show you a trick for taping. Tape the first 4-6 inches and make sure it's stuck well.
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We have handbooks and manuals from many of our suppliers that we are happy to send you at no charge. Interluxs Boat Paint Guide and Color Chart Model 5422381 and Pettits Boat Painting Guide Model 10484244 are two examples available for free download below. Also several of our major paint suppliers list toll-free phone numbers that you can call during business hours for help. And finally of course our West Marine Product Advisors are available by phone Monday through Friday 6am5pm Pacific Time at 1-800-BOATING 1-800-262-8464. Great for non-professional painters. Very easy to apply relatively non-toxic adequate gloss and longevity. Choosing the right paint. One-part polyurethane by far the most popular choice and the one we recommend most highly.
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For boats using average or poor quality gel coats that begin to oxidize and chalk early on painting is the only practical solution. Unfortunately painting is expensive but when done properly results in a finish that can last for a decade or more. In fact with only annual cleaning and waxing urethane finishes have been know to last for 15 years or more even under the harsh Florida sun. Before making a decision here are some important factors that you should consider. Whether you use a yard or a jobber beware that the price should not be the only factor in choosing a painter.
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